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NC Appraisal Services


Diminished Value Appraisal


Under GS 20-279.21(d1) a quote or letter of diminished value from a new/used car dealer IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. The ONLY person who can appraise your vehicle for diminished value is an appraiser who is licensed by the North Carolina Department of Insurance as a "motor vehicle damage appraiser."       

Your CSI-NC Diminished Value Desk Appraisal includes CARFAX report, Monroney Window Sticker, NADA Value at time of loss, appraiser's consultation via phone or email throughout claim process and negotiating with the auto insurer's dis-interested appraiser to reach an agreement of  amount  of loss.  


Items needed: The complete Supplemental / Summary of Repairs or the Final Bill in PDF format, your photos of the damage and the body shop photos.  Fee $300

Total Loss Appraisal

Are you dealing with a total loss claim? You don't have to lose money. 

Auto insurers use companies such as CCC, Mitchell and Audatex who work exclusively on behalf of Insurance Companies. Of the three, CCC is the most popular one used. More importantly the CCC ONE® Market Valuation Summary reflects CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc.’s opinion as to the value of the loss vehicle, based on information provided by the auto insurer. CCC will compare your car to vehicles in its database that have been sold months prior, along with ones currently for sale. CCC uses a "base" price of the comparable vehicle which is not the actual price the dealer's sell price. The North Carolina 11 NCAC 04 .0418 Total Loss Rule (d) (shown below) requires the auto insurer to use the dealer's "retail cost." CCC will under-value a total loss vehicle from $1,500 to as much as $9,000. To gain that $1,500 to $9,000 difference from the auto insurer's offer, will require a professional appraiser that uses the North Carolina Total Loss Rule against the CCC, Mitchell and Audatex valuation.  

Danny Wyatt owner of Collision Service Investigators-N.C can help you maximize the amount of your insurance total loss settlement. So don't wait call 704-216-0081 now.

N.C. Vehicle Indemnity Bond Appraisal

Are you in need of two appraisals so you can secure a Indemnity Bond for your vehicle?  Look no further, because you do not really need a new/used car dealer for an appraisal.  The Indemnity Bond is written by an insurance company who is licensed in North Carolina and approved by the North Carolina Department of Insurance to write the Indemnity Bond. Danny Wyatt owner of Collision Service Investigators-North Carolina is licensed with the North Carolina Department of Insurance a motor vehicle damage appraiser (License # 10006

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