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Total Loss Vehicle Value Appraisals

Are you dealing with a total loss claim? You don't have to lose money!

total loss truck


Where do auto insurers get their vehicle values?

Auto insurers use companies such as CCC ONE®, Mitchell and Audatex who work exclusively on behalf of insurance companies. Of the three, CCC ONE® report is the most popular one used followed by Mitchell, then Audatex.

The CCC ONE® Market Valuation Report reflects CCC Intelligent Solution’s opinion as to the value of the loss vehicle, is based on information provided to CCC by the insurance company's adjuster. 


The CCC ONE® comparable vehicles values are "base vehicle" values;  the total loss rule requires auto insurers to use the "retail cost" of the comparable vehicles for sale.

Depending on year, make and model of the vehicle, an increase of $2,500 to as much as $9,000 is possible when Danny Wyatt gets involved. 

Danny Wyatt owner of Collision Service Investigators-N.C can help you maximize the amount of your insurance total loss settlement. So don't wait call 704-216-0081 now.  

North Carolina Total Loss Rule (11 NCAC 04 .0418)


The rule states “ If the insurance company and the claimant are unable to reach an agreement as to the actual cash value of the total loss motor vehicle, the settlement offer shall be based upon the following values:

(1) The published regional average values (JD Powers) of substantially similar motor vehicles; and


(2) "Local Market Area" means an area within a 100-mile radius of the place where the motor vehicle is principally garaged. If a substantially similar motor vehicle is unavailable within a 100-mile radius, the insurance company may increase the radius in increments of 50 miles until a substantially similar motor vehicle can be found.

(4) "Substantially Similar Motor Vehicle" means a motor vehicle of the same make, model, and year of the damaged motor vehicle.

(d) If the insurance company and the claimant are unable to reach an agreement as to the actual cash value of the total loss motor vehicle, the settlement offer shall be based upon the following values:

(d 2) The retail cost of two or more substantially similar motor vehicles in the local market area when substantially similar motor vehicles are available or were available within 90 days of the accident to consumers in the local market area.

(e) The settlement offer may be adjusted for condition, options, equipment, and mileage, less the cost of unrepaired damage that pre-existed the accident.

g) The insurance company shall give consideration to evidence presented by the claimant such as receipts, photographs, or other documentation that the total loss motor vehicle owned by him or her was in a better condition prior to the accident than suggested by the insurer's settlement offer.

mcbride motorsports Carolyn McBride 

Danny is hands down the best! I had a salvage title (theft recovery) diesel truck that was unfortunately totaled. Insurance hit me with a low ball offer and would not take into account any after parts. I got with Danny he reviewed my case and felt he could help. That he did! Danny was able to get us what we felt was a fair offer for our truck, roughly 10k more than what insurance originally offered. Danny, thank you again for all of your assistance and knowledge. I hope to not have to come to you again. However. I will if I need to and I'll will definitely recommend you to anyone who may need your services!


Ashok S  08/29/2023

Danny helped me with my recent total loss value which was few thousands more than what my insurance company first offered me. He was very professional, knowledgeable and he walked through every step over the phone and was every step ahead of what would come out from the insurance company. The process was fast, he kept me updated and my insurance company finally agreed with almost what Danny quoted. I wish I had contacted him much earlier to get off the stress with my total loss car value that the insurance company first offered. Thanks again Danny and very much appreciate your work !


Amy G  07/18/2023

If you have suffered at a total loss and then have had your insurance company low ball their claim amount then call Danny W****. He will fight for you and get you the money you deserve. He doubled the amount I received for my truck which means the absolute world to me because there would have been no way I would have been able to replace it if he hadn't. Danny is very professional and will guide you through the process as your advocate. I wish more people knew that they could fight their insurance companies and I hope that when they do they reach out to Danny W**** at CSI-NC!

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