Selecting an Appraiser

When you are searching on-line for an appraiser to help you with your diminished value claim the Bing - Google - Yahoo Ads will be listing several appraisers, however many of them they are not in North Carolina.  So here is something to thing about. If you were selling your house, would you hire an out-of-state appraiser? Of course not! Yet many people searching for an appraiser unknowingly hire an out-of-state appraiser so if you chose to do such, good luck to you.


Top Bing  - Google - Yahoo Non-North Carolina Appraisers - - - Oregon - - - Texas --- Scammers with appraisals starting at $17.95 - - - Georgia - - - Georgia - - - Georgia - - - South Carolina - - - Virginia


Top Bing - Google - Yahoo Non-North Carolina Appraisers Unethical Website Sales Tactics

 1) USPAP compliant appraisal: For a USPAP to be compliant the appraiser is required to personally inspect the property that is being appraised; out-of-state appraisers are not inspecting your vehicle therefore their appraisals are not USPAP compliant. 

2) Payment in just 5 days: It’s not going to happen, with the covid 19 mess going on, a diminished value claim will take at least two months start to finish. Also it is not unusual to involve the NC Department of Insurance to get an insurance company to move on the claim.

3) Bait & Switch Fees: That $175.00 appraisal looks really great and you jump on it, but it suddenly requires an additional $200 so the appraiser can negotiate and settle the claim with the appraiser hired by the insurance company $375.00 total payout.

 4) Money-Back Guarantee: It’s not going to happen, read the all stipulations of the appraiser guarantee.

 5) Licensed Nation Wide: Every state in the USA has different laws as how appraisers are to be licensed and to be licensed in every state cost the appraiser $$$$$$.