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Selecting an Appraiser - Don't Get Scammed 

When you are searching on-line for an appraiser to help you with your diminished value claim the Bing - Google - Yahoo Ads will be listing several appraisers, however many of them they are not in North Carolina.  So here is something to thing about. If you were selling your house, would you hire an out-of-state appraiser? Of course not! Yet many people searching for an appraiser unknowingly hire an out-of-state/non-resident appraiser; if you chose to do such, good luck to you. They got your money and you got NOTHING!

Top Bing  - Google - Yahoo Non-Resident North Carolina Appraisers - - - Oregon - - - Georgia - - - Texas --- Bogus Charlotte address, actually located in Florida - - - Bogus Charlotte address, actually located in Georgia - - - Georgia - - - Virginia - - - Florida 

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