Since 2003 Collision Service Investigators - NC has been appraising vehicles for Diminished Value, Total Loss and Vehicle Indemnity Bond appraisals.

Under North Carolina’s diminished value law GS 20-279.21(d1) the appraiser is required to be licensed as a “motor vehicle damage appraiser” (MVDA) by the State of North Carolina and the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

Danny Wyatt owner of Collision Service Investigators – NC is a TRUE North Carolina resident appraiser who is located in Salisbury, N.C. and Danny provides appraisal services all North Carolina residents. Danny is licensed by the North Carolina Department of Insurance to handle your Diminished Value - Total Loss - Vehicle Indemnity Bond Appraisal. 


Beware of Out-of State Appraisers!  Don' Get Scammed!

When you are searching on-line for an appraiser to help you with your diminished value claim the Bing and  Google Ads will be listing  appraisal companies that are not located in North Carolina whose sale tatics are totally misleading.  So here is something for you to thing about. If you were selling your house, would you hire an out-of-state appraiser? Of course not! Yet many diminished value claimants hire an out-of-state appraiser because of their unethical website sales hype tactics. Another thing is, if your case did not settle and you end up in court, are you willing to pay $2,000 or more for your out-of-state to come to North Carolina? Still it's your money, so good luck on your claim when you hire an out-of-state appraiser.

North Carolina  Law GS 58-33-70 (f) on Non-North Carolina Motor Vehicle Damage Appraisers 


(f) The Commissioner may permit an experienced motor vehicle damage appraiser who is regularly appraising in another state and who is licensed in such other state (if that state requires a license) to act as a motor vehicle damage appraiser in this State without a North Carolina license for emergency motor vehicle damage appraisal work for a period not exceeding 30 days done for an employer who notifies the Commissioner, in writing, at the beginning of the period of emergency appraisal work and who is:

(1) An insurance adjuster licensed by this State;

(2) A motor vehicle damage appraiser licensed by this State;

(3) A regular employer of one or more insurance adjusters licensed by this State; or

(4) A regular employer of one or more motor vehicle damage appraisers licensed by this State.  (1987, c. 629, s. 1; 1998-211, s. 19; 2012-12, s. 2(l); 2013-199, s. 22(c).)

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True 5 Star BBB Reviews 


Sharon S  04/27/2021


I would highly recommend Collision Service Investigators of NC (Danny) to anyone needing assistance with a 'diminished value claim'. Danny went above and beyond in getting the insurance company to pay for my loss in value on my car. Even months after my claim, he was extremely helpful with his guidance in assisting me with getting my property value adjusted which resulted in my property taxes getting lowered. He was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process.  It was 'well worth it' hiring him. Thank you Danny for all your help with my DV claim!

Timothy F   01/22/2021

Danny W**** did a fantastic job for us. The insurance company stalled and stalled. Through Danny and the NC Dept of Insurance, we were able to get them moving on our claim. Danny handled all the negotiations and was able to get the ins company to increase their offer from under $1200 to over $5300. We absolutely recommend Danny and his company CSI -NC. His quick responses, courteous manner, and negotiation skills were a joy to work with.

TAYLER P.  05/20/2020

I was in a collision in January 2020. I have a 2020 Hyundai Sonata Limited 1.6T. The insurance company of the driver that hit my vehicle was difficult to work with every step of the way. They offered me $1000 DV on a damage claim of over $13000. My vehicle at the time of the collision had about 1500 miles on it and I only had it a month & 5 days!! I contacted Mr. W**** regarding my Diminished Value claim. He was very responsive and helped me every step of the way as well as answered any questions I had. He has extensive knowledge regarding NC Diminished value laws & knew a lot about how to communicate with insurance companies & their appraisers. After submitting the documentation he provided and getting the insurance company in touch with him directly they settled my DV claim for more than 6 times the amount they originally offered. I would HIGHLY recommend his services to anyone who is filing a diminished value claim because once the insurance company found out I had someone with his experience in my corner they came to an agreement fairly quickly. His willingness to help me with this difficult situation and his professionalism in getting my claim resolved is greatly appreciated. I am satisfied with the outcome of my claim and I know that other's will be too. Don't fight the insurance company alone when you don't have to and DO NOT settle with them before contacting Mr. W**** with CSI-NC.

CHERI O  04/02/2020

They are awesome!!!! I highly recommend this Business. Very Professional

Amy in NC  03/25/2020

Danny was extremely communicative and responsive in handling my DV claim and settlement. I was especially impressed by his interpersonal knowledge of the other appraisers and insurance company representatives in NC, since he has so much experience negotiating with all of these people.  Danny took over my claim when another appraiser I had hired stopped responding. When I was represented by that previous appraiser, the insurance company and their appraiser were insistent on a $0 DV assessment and kept talking about how we would probably need an umpire. After one short email from Danny as my new representative, the insurance company's appraiser immediately replied back with a great settlement offer! With Danny's reputation and knowing the other players in the industry, he is in a great position to be able to get you a large settlement quickly, without the drawn out back-and-forth nonsense that the insurance companies tend to get into. Thanks Danny! 

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