Have you been in an accident recently and have questions about how to file your diminished value claim? Is the at-fault insurance company giving you the run-around or not responding to your diminished value claim? No problem! Danny Wyatt owner of Collision Service Investigators-NC is a member of the North Carolina Department of Insurance External Appraiser and Repair Task Force Board and he knows how to get the at-fault insurance company to move forward on your claim! So before you waste any time talking to an out-of-state appraiser or diminished value attorney, call Collision Service Investigators-NC.
When you hire Danny Wyatt owner of Collision Service Investigators-NC, you hire a real North Carolina resident appraiser who holds the proper license to appraise your vehicle. Mr. Wyatt's appraisals are are based / structured around North Carolina diminished value laws with appraisal fees extremely reasonable when comparing to other appraisers. The appraisal includes your vehicle's CARFAX history report, NADA value at time of accident; not to exclude email / phone consultation and negotiation of your claim on your behalf under North Carolina diminished value law GS 20-279.21(d1). Collision Service Investigators-NC also holds BBB highest rating of A+ with customers reviews speaking for themselves.  So why look any further for an diminished value appraiser? Feel free to call and get your questions answer along with the steps needed in making your diminished value claim with the at-fault insurance company.
Desk Appraisal fees range from $195.00 to  $250.00 which includes: CARFAX report, NADA Value, appraiser's consultation via phone or email throughout claim process and negotiating with the auto insurer's dis-interested appraiser to  reach an agreement of  amount  of loss. Please see Service & Fees link.


   Integrity  and  Genuine Customer Service =  BBB A+ Accredited Business

 Real customers comments to BBB how Danny Wyatt owner of CSI-NC helped them on their diminished value claim.

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Dusty P

★★★★★ 01/15/2020

Danny is great. Answered all my questions and made the process easier than dealing with this myself. I’m confident he helped my return on the DV claim.

Robert L.

★★★★★ 01/09/2020

Danny was very knowledge about NC law and the things I was entitled to after I was involved in an accident that was not my fault. Danny's response time was always prompt and looked out for me. Getting in a serious car accident isn't fun, but hiring Danny was the best decision I made in the process. The small fee I paid him for his work resulted in me receiving 12 times what I paid him. Not a typo! 100% worth every penny.

Robbie S

★★★★★ 01/02/2020

Danny is very knowledgeable with diminished value claims and did an excellent job getting me a more than fair resolution to my claim. I would recommend him and his services to anyone that is trying to navigate the DV process with an insurance company.

April B

★★★★★ 12/18/2019

Danny is the absolute best in Diminished Value Claims. It was because of his help that I was able to settle with the Insurance company for over three times the original amount that was offered to me. He was always so eager to answer any of my questions and he made sure that I knew what to expect every step of the way. I definitely recommend him to anyone needing help getting what they deserve.

Cip A.

★★★★★ 11/17/2019

Danny is the expert in Diminished Value Claims. He is honest, trustworthy and patient. We had a diminished value claim against a very hard to give in insurer. But he never gave up, He fought with us and finally the insurer finally agreed to pay us 5 x more than the first offer. If any of my friends and family would end up with the same situation as me. I would recommend them to him right away. Thank you so much for all you did.

John S

★★★★★ 11/05/2019

As an attorney, I am especially impressed with Danny's advocacy and negotiating skills. Add to that his expertise as an appraiser, and there is no one better. The insurer agreed to over 5 times what it originally offered us in less than a week of receiving Danny's appraisal. Had it not been for Danny's discovery that the dealership used another manufacturer's parts (non-OEM), thereby voiding the warranty on those (inferior) parts, the insurance company would never have agreed to Danny's CORRECT appraisal. Danny is honest, trustworthy, and reliable. I give him my highest recommendation.

vinod c.


Danny is Amazing ! He is very knowledgeable and experienced in this field. My insurance was trying play low ball for DV value but Danny was able to settle my claim more than 3 times the amount offered by insurance. I would recommend Danny for faster and maximum Diminished value claim settlement. He is very transparent and will keep you updated on the status of your claim. I have a wonderful experience working with him and would recommend everyone to consider Danny for any claim settlements


Lisa C


Danny is AMAZING!! Insurance tried to low ball me on my DV claim and Danny was having none of that. He was successful in getting a settlement that was 2.5 times the original settlement offer. I am going to recommend Danny to anyone and everyone I know that is ever in an accident. Thank you so much for all you did Danny.



Danny is one hell of a diminished value claim agent. He worked with me and was able to get a good adjustment on what I lost in value from my accident. I highly recommend him to be an agent for any one who will lose value to their vehicle from an accident

Pat F


Danny is very knowledgeable and understands the ins and outs of the diminished value process. He will go above and beyond to make sure you receive a fair offer. Highly recommend


Maureen A


Danny is the absolute best! He helped me through the process of dealing with the insurance company after my vehicle was wrecked in an accident. I could not have navigated the insurance system without his help. ******* *

Lauren U.


Danny is the best! He really takes the time to thoroughly inspect your car and the repairs done. He found things no one else did and it completely changed the outcome of my claim.


Jose M.


Great appraiser know his job and does it well he went above and beyond helping me with my claim


Bob W


I found and selected Danny W**** to help me by reading reviews. Like others said before, the man knows his business. When three insurance companies were squabbling about who was responsible, Danny quickly referred me to the NCDOI and that contact moved my DV claim forward without additional delays. The first two offers were ridiculous. Danny took control and negotiated what we considered a fair settlement. I would recommend CSI NC without reservation. ***  Mooresville, NC




I had a great experience working with Danny. He went above and beyond for my diminished value claim. Timely with communication, very informative, and by far the best price for this particular service. Highly recommended!


Todd G


Mr. W**** was absolutely great. **** tried to settle with a $500.00 reimbursement and "we're sorry our client hit your brand new truck with 8000 miles on it." Called Collision Service Investigators. Danny sent me a report to send to **** and within 72 hours he negotiated a $2550.00 settlement, which was 50% of the repair cost. Best $175.00 I've ever spent.

Jeff L


Danny was extremely knowledge, easy to work with and willing to do the right thing for the customer.


Peter M


My law firm had clients who were being stonewalled on a diminution of value claim. Danny was brought in as our state certified appraiser. He was professional and knowledgeable, and worked well with the insurance company's selected appraiser. We would not hesitate to recommend Danny and his services.


John L


Danny W**** is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I have needed his assistance on two occasions. I first contacted Danny about a diminished value claim. The insurance company only wanted to pay me $742 for $7,000 in damages to my 2016 Nissan Maxima. Through Danny’s knowledge and experience I was able to recover $3,500. The second occasion I had extensive damage to my 2018 Honda CR-V, with Danny’s help the insurance company was convinced declare the vehicle a total loss. I definitely recommend him to anyone involved in a collision.


Dennis M


My wife was rear ended on the I-40 in Raleigh at the end of January. I had contacted Danny W**** with regards to a diminished value claim against the insurance company and an appraisal for the claim. Danny was extremely helpful and provided me with a lot of information with regards to the claim. In the end, Danny was honest and respectable and informed me it would be best for me to negotiate with the insurance company rather than pay him for an appraisal. He looked out for me and my best interest rather than trying to pad his pocket with a few dollars. Integrity these days is sometimes hard but it is something that Danny wasn't going to compromise. Much appreciated and I would recommend him to anyone looking for vehicle appraisal services

Michael P


Working with Danny was the best decision I made during the process of settling my affairs after an accident. Despite both of vehicles being insured by the same insurance and the other party being at fault, my insurance was only going to offer $3000. Although we ultimately had to file a complaint with NCDOI, Danny was able to guide me and fight for me and got me $7000 without going to umpire, or worse: to court. Danny is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with the process. He will tell you the wording to use for different parties you'll have to work with, correct statutes or laws to levy weight to your words, and even some smooth talking to try and persuade people to help the process keep moving. I found Danny's prices just as good if not better than most of the competition. On top of that, he always answered his phone or responded quickly to either a voicemail or email. He even called or emailed me outside of normal business hours to help calm me down when I was stressed or worried. His helpfulness and dedication were more than I hoped for and the results were amazing. Thank you so much Danny, and I'll recommend you to anyone I know of who could use the help. **** *

Kim L


Danny was great! It took about a month to get the additional DV. Danny helped me push the insurance company and file a claim with the state. I received an additional $700 due to the gap in the Insurance company’s appraisal. I couldn’t have done it without him

Rayna L


I am SO glad I had Danny on my side during my Diminished Value claim pursuit. After an auto accident caused over $4,000 in lost value to my car, the insurance company that I was up against tried to get away with sending me a check for $950. I contacted Danny and he advised me every step of the way - he was incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and always responded right away to any messages I left for him. He also knew a lot about the various insurance companies out there and their track records of paying out damages. He made the whole process as easy as it could possibly be for me, and got me a payout of $5,000 in the end. I would (and will) recommend him to anyone who needs appraisal services.

Greg B


Danny ***** with Collision Service Investigators is the person to talk with concerning any DV claim you may have. Danny is very knowledgeable about the NC statutes that govern a DV claim. He also knows how the insurance companies try to work against you in the process. Danny settled my DV claim for way more than the insurance company had offered. Professional, knowledgeable and success oriented. Don't even think about it for a minute. If you are in need of an adjuster to work for you just call Danny ***** and enjoy the results.

Samantha R


Danny was recommended to me by my insurance company after a wreck that damaged over 50% of my car. I filed a diminished value claim against the other insurance company, and hired Danny to help. He was very knowledgeable, and stuck with my for the whole process (which was long and drawn out). I know that I would have never gotten the settlement I got (over half of what we originally asked for) without Danny's expertise. If you are questioning whether you should hire him, I strongly encourage you to do so.

Kim B


Danny is amazing! He helped us get what we deserved with our vehicle wreck and helped us with the best repairs and customer service possible. He was very kind very informative and very thorough with all his work and talk to us like we were human beings not just another person. He treated us like we were his family and we would definitely use some again if that situation ever came up!!!! Thank you!!!


Larry L


Danny, the owner of collision service investigators, was very knowledgeable and professional in helping me with my diminished value claim. He alerted me to what the insurance company tactics were beforehand and not to be alarmed at their low ball offers, but to be patient and we can get a fair and just settlement. To his advice, I received a more than fair settlement, and I won't hesitate to recommend others to him that need expert and knowledgeable representation for dv claims in the future.

Carole C


Danny was an excellent advocate to have on my side after my accident. I contacted him because the insurance company was giving me the run around on my diminished value claim. He was very responsive, knowledgeable, professional, patient and willing to help me with my claim. He always answered my calls, questions and worked hard to resolve my claim. Danny knew how to handle the stall tactics the insurance company used throughout the process. I highly recommend Danny if you need his service. He knows the laws, the car value and how to handle the insurance companies. Thank you Danny!!

Daniel G.


Working with Danny of Collision Service Investigators was fantastic from the beginning. He is extremely knowledgeable with all things regarding collisions. I was told by the insurance adjuster that I would not be able to submit a diminished value claim due to the vehicle having a loan against the vehicle and that I was not the owner. Danny was able to point me to all statutes in order for me to fight for my claim. It even had to go so far as to filing a claim with the NCDOI but he was there with me every step of the way. When I was finally able to file a diminished claim, Danny was there with my appraisal. Of course the adjuster hire their own appraiser but again Danny was able to fight on my behalf he got them to settle my claim at over $6,000. More than I ever dreamed. My only regret is not knowing Danny sooner so that I could have gotten my vehicle repaired at one of his recommended body shops. From now on, anyone that I know who is in a collision, I'll immediately send Danny's way because they'll absolutely be in good hands.                                   

Thanks again Danny. Daniel G.

Carolyn C


I had know one to turn to when dealing with the insurance company that was unwilling to give me any kind of diminished value. Danny of Collision Service Investigators walked me through the process of filing the diminished value claim against the insurance company. His knowledge and expertise was above my expectations. His prices are comparable too. Knowing he is a resident of the same state that I live in made him an easy choice. Danny knew all the laws of the state and was very kind and patient with me. Collision Service Investigators succeeded in getting me My diminished value at a price that was more than I thought possible. Thank you Danny!

Paul H.


I just used Collision Service Investigators of North Carolina, for a Diminished Value Claim. Their owner Danny ***** has a fantastic knowledge of the collision repair business and the Diminished Value Claim Process. He has developed a simple process for Diminished Value determination and claims. This made the end-to-end process very easy for me. His price for the service is competitive, and I got great results, receiving twice the amount the insurance company offered. I’d highly recommend this company to anyone

Susan B.


Danny ***** did an amazing job with my DV claim. *********** Insurance was going to offer $300 which I thought was a joke so I hired Danny to help me. Once he was involved, *********** had their appraiser evaluate the situation and CK (worst appraiser ever) said the DV Value was $0. Danny did not give up, in fact he got others involved. Through many conversations and hiring umpires to address the situation...I ended up with a DV value of $1200! Was so thankful he would not give up and would recommend him highly to anyone he needs help with a DV claim. Thank you Danny ***** for all your help!


Josh F.


It's funny to read these reviews because I had *exactly* the same experience as so many of them. One of ******* customers rear-ended me in Asheville, and the way ***** acted it was impossible for me to avoid the perception that they believed that if they continually delay, lose papers, and be completely unresponsive, the claimant will simply give up in frustration and go away. Without Danny maybe I would have, and I never would have gotten my diminished value claim settled, (and it was settled for a large amount of money). Danny was a total pleasure to work with from the start, he obviously has the expertise, is responsive, usually instantly, and never acted like anything else was important other than my being treated fairly by the insurance company. I recommend him without any reservation.


Wil M.


In the months-long process of dealing with a car accident, Danny was the one person who I really felt had my best interests at heart. He literally wrote the book on collisions--right off the bat he sent me a professionally presented PDF book on what to look for after a collision, and when I looked at the author I realized he had written it himself! The at fault driver's insurance company tried to shortchange me on diminished value, but Danny hit them with the facts and had them begging for mercy. I ended up getting many times their initial offer and more than I had asked for. If you need an experienced, knowledgeable appraiser who will be a strong advocate for your case, you won't find anyone better.

Russ S.


Danny provided me with an independent appraisal for a diminished value claim. I was very impressed with Danny's professionalism, responsiveness, and knowledge of the appraisal and claim process. Danny provided a thorough appraisal report with supporting materials that allowed me to reach an equitable settlement with the insurance company. I would highly recommend Danny to anyone requiring assistance with a diminished value claim.


Jon H.


Danny is phenomenal with what he does! I cannot speak highly enough of his professionalism and work ethic. He always has you the client in mind and your best interests in the forefront of everything he does. He is such an asset to have when you are working with insurance companies to resolve such an unfortunate and inconvenient time in your life. He makes things so easy and handles everything. He always answers your call or returns a left message very quickly and never makes you feel like there are any questions that you shouldn't ask. He takes that time to explain everything. He's a true example of what a Class A business should be!!

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