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March 5 2024 Primary elections for North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance will soon be here. Current Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey has to GO!

Causey LIED though his teeth on PBS TV interview in 2020, saying he would not allow home owners insurance to be raised. After his re-election he gave the insurances companies the OK to raise your home owners insurance. More increases are coming in 2024. 42% - 99%.

You can thank Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey for your collision claim and repairs to be drugged out. 

You can thank Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey for allowing the insurance company to LOW BALL offer on your total loss claim.  

You can thank Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey for allowing a speeding ticket of 10 miles per hour or less over the speed limit, now follow you for five years opposed to three years.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey along with his corrupt deputy commissioners are looking after insurance company’s benefit.

Let’s thank Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey and his deputy commissioners for looking after insurance company’s benefit by voting Mike Causey OUT of office March 5. 

Vote for Robert Brawley for North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance. / Robert Brawley

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Since 2003, Collision Service Investigators - NC has been appraising vehicles throughout North Carolina for Classic Car Value (Bank Loans – Insurance Coverage) - Diminished Value - Total Loss Value - Vehicle Indemnity Title Bond Value.       


Danny Wyatt, owner, a true North Carolina resident appraiser (Salisbury NC), licensed appraiser by the State of North Carolina is a trusted adviser and can assist you with your diminished value claim in NC or total loss claim in NC.

Under North Carolina diminished value law, GS 20-279.21(d1), a quote or letter of diminished value from a new/used car dealer IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. The ONLY person who can appraise your vehicle for diminished value is an appraiser who is licensed by the North Carolina Department of Insurance as a "motor vehicle damage appraiser."



Your CSI-NC Diminished Value Desk Appraisal is $300.00  This includes CARFAX report, Monroney Window Sticker, JD Powers/ NADA Value at time of loss, appraiser's consultation via phone or email throughout claim process and negotiating with the auto insurer's dis-interested appraiser to reach an agreement of  amount of loss.  

Items needed: The complete Supplemental / Summary of Repairs or the Final Bill in PDF format, your photos of the damage and the body shop photos. 


Danny Wyatt​

Owner CSI-NC

License No: 10006764


                             Grace H    09/12/2023


Exceptionally knowledgeable and hardworking. Danny was well educated and understood the urgency and importance of his services. He secured well above what was initially offered by the insurance company which far exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend him for his honesty and thorough understanding of his field of work.

                                               Ashok S      08/29/2023


Danny helped me with my recent total loss value which was few thousands more than what my insurance company first offered me. He was very professional, knowledgeable and he walked through every step over the phone and was every step ahead of what would come out from the insurance company. The process was fast, he kept me updated and my insurance company finally agreed with almost what Danny quoted. I wish I had contacted him much earlier to get off the stress with my total loss car value that the insurance company first offered. Thanks again Danny and very much appreciate your work !


                                                                                                                                                                                             Chen K     10/03/2023

                                                                                                                  I am so glad I called Danny - I had no perspective on how to calculate Diminished Value. The online formulas I found were worthless. Get Danny's help if you are new to this area. He knows the terrain and can tell you upfront how the process is likely to pan out. And he will work hard to get a reasonable offer from the insurance company - which he was able to do for me. Thanks Danny!

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