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 N.C. Vehicle Indemnity Bond Appraisals

Are you in need of two appraisals so you can secure a Indemnity Bond for your vehicle?  Look no further, because you do not really need a new/used car dealer for an appraisal.  The Indemnity Bond is written by an insurance company who is licensed in North Carolina and approved by the North Carolina Department of Insurance to write the Indemnity Bond. Danny Wyatt owner of Collision Service Investigators-North Carolina is licensed with the North Carolina Department of Insurance a motor vehicle damage appraiser (License # 10006764) and his appraisals have never been denied by the insurance company providing the bond.  As for the needed second appraiser, Danny will connect you with an associate appraiser who is also licensed with the North Carolina Department of Insurance.  The required bond amount must equal 1.5 times the appraisal value of the vehicle. Applicants should verify their required amount of bond coverage prior to bonding.

Info needed for appraisal:

  • A little history note about the vehicle. 

  • Complete copy of the NCDMV inspector’s report.

  • Photos of the vehicle's right and left side, front end, rear end, under the hood/engine, complete interior of the vehicle and miles showing on the odometer. Photo Examples Here

  • Vehicle Manufacturer Name - Year - Make - Model /Trim. Trim Example: XL- XLT- S -SE - SEL.

  • Photos of the original VIN and NCDMV VIN if new number has been issued.

  • License tag if on vehicle.

  • Chassis / Frame: Description if original or if custom frame, describe how frame has been customized.

  • Engine/Motor: If the engine/motor is the original, if custom built, describe how engine/motor has been customized.

  • Transmission: Automatic/ Speed or Straight Drive/Speed.

  • Brake Type Front & Rear / Drive Line Type: AWD - FWD - Rear Drive

  • Exterior Color: Interior / Color: Interior Fabric Material: Cloth or Leather

  • Dash Panel Components: Original / Custom

  • Wheels/ Tire Size: Original or Custom?

NCDMV Links to obtaining your Vehicle Indemnity Bond  

Bonded Vehicles

Requirements for Obtaining Title by Filing an Indemnity Bond (MVR-92A)

Title Application (MVR-1)

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