Diminished Value Appraiser 

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Diminished Value Appraiser

There are plenty on the internet claiming to be a licensed diminished value appraiser and in reality they are not. When hiring an appraiser to help you on your diminished value claim, first thing to know in the appraiser is REQUIRE by North Carolina law NCGS: 20-279.21(d1) to be licensed as a motor vehicle damage appraise and a written quote from a new/used car dealer is not acceptable. So BEWARE in your search for an appraiser.

Where is the appraiser actually located at? It is in your best interest to hire a true North Carolina resident appraiser, not an out-of-state appraiser. Why? The majority of out-of-state appraisers are not licensed

If the appraiser's website is showing an 800 number they are not located in North Carolina. Some goes as far as showing on Google maps a local address with local phone number which rolls over to the appraiser's true out-of-state location.   They will smooze you with their with BS sell tactics, fake customer comments/reviews and some show examples of the customer received for diminished value. Unless the reviews are BBB and/or Google verified don't fall for their tricks. When you speak to the appraiser, ask for their true location, their name, along with their North Carolina Department of Insurance motor vehicle damage appraiser's license. They are required to provide it to you; if they cannot or will not, then do not do business with them. When in doubt of the appraiser, contact the North Carolina Department of Insurance and inquire of the appraiser's status and location.


How do they make their determination for the amount of diminished value? Do they use a formula like or similar to the GA 17C formula? Diminished value can’t be calculated using the GA 17C or any similarities of it, yet auto insurer's love using it due to intentional low balling the amount of diminished value. Are they using multiple published or on-line values from Black Book, CARFAX, Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book or local used-car market values when determining the diminished value of your vehicle? Don’t fall for this either along the opinion of a car salesman won’t work. North Carolina diminished value law GS:20-279.21(d1) is specific in what published value is to be used and it is the NADA.

Do they have true hands-on experience in collision repair? Experience in writing a damage appraisal? Your appraiser should have both being familiar with North Carolina diminished value law GS:20-279.21(d1) law and procedures. There can be a lot of rules that only someone with experience will know. The appraiser should have auto body collision repair experience and buying /reselling cars if they are going to appraise damaged repaired vehicles for diminished value claim. Oh I almost forgot,  those appraisers who do post repair inspections but could not take a fender or hood off the car and put it back on to save their live. So when choosing a diminished value appraiser, choose wisely.

Even though GS:20-279.21(d1) does not require the vehicle to be inspected, how can the appraiser write an diminished value appraisal without an inspection? This can be a trick question because if the expert doesn’t properly inspect the vehicle, how are they supposed to determine the condition of the vehicle and document it? You should have an appraisal with a proper inspection; besides the auto insurer's so-called dis-interested appraiser will be inspecting your vehicle.

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