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Formulas Collision Service Investigators Use to Determine Diminished Value

When working with collision service investigators, there are different formulas used to determine the diminished value. The “17c formula” will take the base loss of value times the damage modifier times the mileage modifier. This formula is widely used in the industry but it doesn’t determine the real diminished value of the car.

The way to determine the real diminished value is by subtracting the post-accident value of your car, which you get through an appraisal, from the pre-accident value of the vehicle. This you can find on Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds. The second method for determining diminished value will lead to a higher payment than the first so you want to make sure that whoever you work with to file your claim is basing the diminished value on the actual depreciation of the vehicle and not using the first formula. When using both formulas, if the numbers are outrageously different then it will be the vehicle owner’s responsibility to prove loss.

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