Auto Fraud

What Should Consumers Know about Auto Fraud?

Purchasing a vehicle can be a major investment and requires extensive research. Used cars require a lot of due diligence in order to know the condition of the vehicle and the terms of the sale. This is why there is protection from auto fraud. Auto fraud can take on many forms in Salisbury, NC. Some examples of auto fraud include misrepresenting the total mileage on used vehicles, representing that a used or new vehicle has options or features it doesn’t have, or failing to disclose any past damage from an accident, fire, or flood in a used car sales.

Consumers should take different steps to protect themselves from auto fraud by standing firm against aggressive sales techniques, test driving the vehicle before purchasing it, and asking that there is a full visual inspection of the vehicle. Consumers should request a repair history for any used vehicles. If purchasing a used vehicle from an individual, you should have a trusted mechanic inspect it first.

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